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Welcome To Our World of Art   as seen through the eyes of artist Albie Alliet. Reflections of light, color, styles, energy, emotions and enchantment await the viewer. I began my love for fine art at a very young age. From my early teachings in high school and college to present-day adult art classes, I have never stopped learning about my gift of being a painter. Painting on canvas with acrylic media, using an oil painting technique, I find that anything that can tell us a story and stir our emotions has become my passion. Fired terracotta, bound with mastic acrylic colors, gives many of my landscape paintings 3D realism. My traditional fine art paintings take you on a journey to old Europe, sailing the high seas, and visiting local landscapes. Today some of my paintings show the scenic beauty of our local wine country using a dimensional technique yet to be seen by many art lovers. Each completed work of art will last the viewer or buyer a lifetime of beauty and memories.
Albie Painting In Studio
Albie painting in studio
Artisan Show Productions -- Jo Anne Alliet
Since 2005 Grape Moments Studios and Artisan Productions have been producing gallery shows, artisan showcases, art & craft festivals and consulting services for independent artists and studios, businesses and non-profit organizations. If you are looking to create a venue that offers only the highest quality of settings and offerings designed specifically for yourself or group we urge you to contact us to learn more about our services. Each and every detail of attention will be personally designed with the fruition of your desires bringing overall success.

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