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Original Paintings and Offered For Sale From Artist Albie Alliet --

Contact Us directly for more detailed images and information.

Commission Work Available upon request


Paintings of the Finger Lakes Vines

Special Note: 3-Dimensional Vine Paintings are done with a process where each painting scene is fully painted first. The addition of the 3-dimensional work is done by using terracotta clay with each individual grape, leaves, and enhancements being created. After firing of the clay, they are mounted to the canvas using a mastic process creating strength and durability that will last for centuries. Once all the pieces are adhered to the canvas the painting process is completed. Each piece takes many, many hours to complete. The finished painting is truly one of a kind that will last for centuries to come and creates a feeling of actually being within the vineyard.

"Reisling Vines"

  Framed Original 3D & Acrylic Painting


"Baco Noir"

Framed Original 3D & Acrylic Painting



Framed Original 3D & Acrylic Painting



"FingerLakes Wine Trail"

Original Framed Acrylic Painting

Available at Artizaann's Gifts of the Finger Lakes in Naples, NY


"The Duo"

Framed Original Acrylic Painting

$ 1200.00

"Meadows Edge"

Framed Original Acrylic Painting


"Cottahe of Roses"

Framed Original Acrylic Painting

$ 850.00

"Cafe Atikki"

Framed Original Acrylic Painting


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